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VigourSoft Global Solutions is a Global Analytics services firm, specializing in Big Data, Customer Behaviour, Customer Experience (CX) and Business Analytics. We help Retailers and Manufacturers across the works, improve revenues and margins by helping them better utilize data for business decisions and marketing actions.​

BIG Data analytics

Building leading-edge big data analytics products/solutions that deliver insightful business intelligence, and enhance real-time data pipeline process automation.

Customer Analytics

Moving from unprocessed customer data to complete control over noise-free unified data, activation, segmentation, CLV, lift enhancement, cross- channel orchestration and intelligent hyper-targeted recommendation using AI/ML models.

Cloud Engineering

Enabling better cloud architecture, implementation and operations for cloud-based products and platforms on public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Identity and Access Management

Securing user journeys, provisioning, enterprise single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, user activity compliance and web access management in a digital world.