About VigourSoft

Founded in 2016, VigourSoft Global Solutions is a Big data analytics based software product engineering services firm specializing in Customer Data Platforms, MarTech, AdTech, Infrastructure, Healthcare and Business Analytics. We help develop cloud based products and platforms that improve market share through intelligent utilization of data enabling business decisions and target customer strategies.

We also specialize in Identity & Access Management (IDAM), Globalization and Infrastructure Management domains. Our Product engineering temperament and in-depth domain knowledge help us in delivering high-quality services at the right time and the right cost.

At VigourSoft, we have been building solutions using Apache-Spark, Amazon-AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure and Hadoop technology stacks. We have worked for online retail chains and product start-ups to automate big data pipelines and found innovative solutions to complex software engineering problems.

We can assist you in solving the following and more:

  • Data onboarding
  • Implement analytics engine or provide customized analytics
  • Get intelligent insights for important business decisions

Within a very short time span, we have started working with some of the leading Big data product companies across North America and Asia. Our customer-focused engagement models accelerate time-to-market for our clients.

With a highly talented team of around 100 engineers, VigourSoft has offices in CA (USA) and Pune (India) to cover multiple time zones.