Providing secure, scalable solutions has become very crucial. We at Vigoursoft, manages Big Data with a highly Talented engineers which include execution, consultation and support. Our Big data service can analyse a large amount of structured and unstructured data which help business to get insights

How Can Our Big Data Service can Help You:

• Integrating Big Data Hadoop application using various solutions like Apache Spark,
Amazon EMR, Apache Hive, MapReduce, MongoDB, and Couchbase.
• Custom Application Development (Developing Micro services-based architecture)
• Data Pipeline Deployment on AWS, Azure, GCP.
• Data Visualization
• Analytical and transitional use cases.
• Secured Role-based access control(RBAC)
• Data Virtualization.
• Data warehouse on Redshift cluster database, Spark SQL
• Serverless deployment using Docker and Kubernetes(K8)